Niptoons Presents:

“The Kitty Monster”

Starring: Cinco, Manna, a beat up chair belonging to the cats, and The Bride of Kittenstien

Monster 1

Monster 2

Monster 3

Monster 4

Monster 5

Monster 6

Sneak Preview

The next Playful Kitty Newsletter will be coming out on Monday! It’s going to include some really pawsome Halloween things – like this very cool purrintable cat-themed flag banner.

Halloween Cat Banner Title Exlcusive

Get yours from the Playful Kitty Newsletter on Monday!

Something Worth Mentioning

Today is also the day for the Blog the Change for Animals Hop. There are a lot of wonderful posts about people working to make the world a better place for our pets. Stop by and check them out! I didn’t do a specific post for this because I feel that I am covering a lot of the big issues that people are working to change for cats in my Hope; Defeating the Common Causes of Death in Cats series. If you would like to see these posts here are the links:

Post 1: Overpopulation

Post 2: Cancer

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