Pets for Patriots George-and-Tycho

George and his one-eyed cat named Tycho. Click image to read their story.
Image courtesy of the Pets for Patriots blog

While I was helping out with the Michigan Humane Society’s Telethon, I learned about an organization called Pets for Patriots. Personally, I think that their mission is really awesome. Pets for Patriots helps those currently involved in the US military, retired from the military, and veterans adopt adult and special needs pets from their partner rescue groups. How cool is that?

I am not being compensated in anyway for this post, I am just very thankful for organizations who give back to our troops and for organizations that help homeless pets. Both my Dad and my father-in-law are military veterans. Thank you to all of the veterans and current military for your service to our country.

What are the benefits of Pets for Patriots?

  • Pets for Patriots offers 10% off of veterinary costs for the life of the adopted pet with any of the partnered veterinarians.
  • A one-time gift card to a major pet retailer to help care for the pet’s needs. It sounds like right now that gift card is $150 to .
  • Members only discounts offered by the Pets for Patriots Sponsors.
  • Patriots are responsible for the adoption fee of the pet, but Pets for Patriots suggests that partnered shelters give discounted rates to Patriots. Many of the shelters do offer those discounted rates.

How does the Pets for Patriots program work?

Pets for Patirots Richard-and-Taji and Chaos

Richard, his wife, and cats Taji and Chaos. Click image to read their story.
Image courtesy of the Pets for Patriots blog

First, the current or former military person looking to adopt the pet must go to the Pets for Patriots website and apply to become a “Patriot.”There is no fee for becoming a Patriot. Proof of service is required. You will not qualify if you have a felony, have committed any sexual crimes, or any crimes against animals. If your application is accepted, you will receive a letter of approval.

Next, the Patriot can browse through a Directory of Partner Shelters from which they can adopt a pet. There are LOTS of partnered shelters all across the US. The pet must be from one of the Partner Shelters.

Finally, the Patriot visits the shelter they have chosen and shows them the letter of acceptance to the Pets for Patriots program. The staff at the shelter can help them to choose from one of the qualified pets they have available for adoption. To qualify, pet must be at least 2 years of age, have special needs, or be a dog of 40 pounds or more (any age). The final determination of whether an adoption will be made or not is up to the individual shelter.

Pets for Patriots is a charity group

Pets for Patirots Karie-and-Pudge-1

Karie and her cat Pudge. Click image to read their story.
Image courtesy of the Pets for Patriots blog.

A relatively small organization, Pets for Patriots is an official 501 (c) 3 charity (which means donations are a tax write off). Most of the money they bring in actually goes to the program itself. According to the financials published on their website, 81% of 2012’s income went to the program’s needs.

Making a Difference

Here is the segment about Pets for Patriots that was played during the Michigan Humane Society Telethon. It shows just how much adopting these pets has meant to these Patriots.

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