What is my recipe for special moments? Use only the best ingredients.Take 1 man and 1 woman and put them into a marriage. Then, 1 at a time, add in 2 grade-A cats. Blend together until you have a loving  family. Season them with love, compassion, health and a spoon full of silliness.  Let them live together for many years to come.

Cinco and Manna have provided me with some truly unforgettable moments. They’re love has inspired me in writing this blog, my acting career, and in other areas of life.  Below you will find  a few of my favorite moments with my furkids.  I have added a bit of background info for those who may not be familiar with Cinco and Manna’s stories.

Snuggling with Cinco

#recipieformoments Blog Paws Robin and CincoMy husband and I adopted Cinco in April 2006 when he was 4 months old. When we adopted Cinco, I was still healing from the tragic loss of our previous kitty just a month prior. We named him Cinco on accident. What we intended to do was name him after the biblical day of creation on which cats were created (it should have been 6 not 5). Cinco was the cutest way to say 5 that we found. The idea was to pay homage to the fact that God made everything and everything is His; Cinco was given to us as a precious loan from God and one day we would have to give him back. Thankfully, that day has not come yet.

One of my favorite memories of Cinco was from the moment we first brought him into our home. I sat on the floor in the middle of our hallway and opened the carrier to let Cinco out. He is a very shy guy so it took him a second to finally come out. I was patient and sat there on the floor speaking gently and singing to him. The first steps he took out of the carrier were right over to my lap. I snuggled him right there for several minutes before encouraging him to explore his new home. I followed him around on my hands and knees cheering him on as he found his food and water dishes and the litter box. He wouldn’t go anywhere without me.

Not much has changed since that day. Cinco is always in my lap or following me around. He is a scardey cat – afraid any time someone comes over or there is a noise he doesn’t like. However, he always finds solace in mommy’s lap. I still find comfort in him too. Some nights I can’t sleep until he curled up on top of me.

Being Manhandled By Manna

Manna was a total rescue. My dad found her abandoned in his trailer park in July 2007 and gave her to us. She was only 3 weeks old according to the vet’s assessment.  Her name has a biblical meaning too (but of a dual nature). In the bible, “manna” is the miracle bread that God gave the Israelites as they were wandering in the desert for 40 years. The first reason we named her Manna is because finding her was a lesson on how God always provides; she needed someone to care for her and we showed up. The other reason was that the term “manna” meant “what is this?” in the bible. Manna looked like a little alien at the time.

My favorite Manna moment? Probably just holding her in my arms on that first car ride home. We didn’t know we would be getting a cat, so we didn’t have the carrier with us. Manna was very talkative and playful.  She was sure she was the toughest little thing around. She wrestled with my fingers and then she fell asleep in the palm of my hand, leaning up against my chest.  We took her straight to the vet and she purred so loud that the veternarian had to use rubbing alcohol to quiet her so he could listen to her heart. She was no bigger than the size of the electrical socket cover in the examination room.

Manna is still super playful and not the least bit shy. She loves to initiate games with my husband and me. We are her “big kitties.” She is a bit of a daddy’s girl (she has Dave wrapped around her little paw).  We provided her with an opportunity to be healthy and to be a part of a family and she provides us with they purest type of love and more entertainment than we could have ever imagined.

#recipieformoments Blog Paws Manna Robin and a Ribbon

What is your recipe for special moments with your pets?

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