Cinco and Manna are my furkids; I consider them family even though we are not the same species.  I love them very much. Typically I show them that I love them by caring for their needs, petting them, letting them sleep on me, giving them gifts (cat toys and treats mostly), playing games with them, and not going completely pscyho on them when they throw up a hairball on something really important (dry-clean-only clothing, tax documents, electronic devices, my lap, etc) .  If someone says or does something I don’t like to or about my cats, you can bet I’ll come to my cats’ defense. Nobody messes with my kitties! 🙂

It’s pretty safe to say that most cat owners (and owners of other types of pets) can relate my feelings about my cats. Bonding with your pets is a perfectly normal thing to do. Who wouldn’t fall in love with such cute, affectionate animals? However, there are some people who have taken their expressions of love for their cats way above and beyond protocol.

Crazy Ways to Express Love For Your Cat

Feel free to try any of these yourself!

#1: Shave your chest and facial hair to look like your cat.

Back in December, Reddit and the Huffington Post came together to give us this guy:

4 Crazy Ways to Express Your Love for Your Cat  chest hair

Photo courtesy of the Huffington Post

Yeah, sorry, you can’t unsee that.  Hopefully his cat was proud. Love is always about giving a little of yourself….

#2 Sing Your Kitty A Passionate Love Song

Out of the 4, this is the least crazy, but it is still really funny. This slightly intoxicated man chose to show his love for his cat by singing him “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal. Then he posted his ballad of love on Youtube so the whole world would know.

#3 Let your cat take credit for your scientific discoveries.

4 Crazy Ways to Express Your Love for Your Cat Manna ScanOne of Playful Kitty’s followers gave me this terrific link  yesterday. To sum it up, a physicist (Jack Hetherington) was working on publishing an important paper for the scientific community and needed a co-author, so he named his cat (F.D.C. Willard).Who knew kitties knew so much about low temperature physics?! Later, Hetherington would go on to publish another scientific paper – listing his cat as the only author! Any discoveries that were proven to be true, would be credited to the cat.

#4 Marry Your Cat!

4 Crazy Ways to Express Your Love for Your Cat I DoYou read it right – get married to your cat. There is a website based in the U.K. called Marry Your Pet, that will allow to marry your cat (or other pet) right then and there. A marriage certificate will cost you only 10 British Pounds.  Other marriage packages are also available giving you a t-shirt and a lovely plaque.  In How Crazy Is This? I Married My Cats!, an article on Catster, Barbarella Buchner sings the praises of her 10 year marriage to her cats.  She even got a tattoo recognizing their partnership.

Your Turn

 I have to admit that I do sing to the cats – and dance with them. What crazy ways have you heard of to show love to a cat (or other pet)? Do you do any crazy things yourself?

4 Crazy Ways to Express Your Love for Your Cat Halloween

Manna and I a few Halloweens back 🙂