Sponsored: Temptations Tumblers Giveaway!

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My cats have always loved Temptations cat treats! Now Temptations has come out with a brand new product – Temptations Tumblers – that takes play time to a whole new level. Cinco and Manna are telling me it’s #TimeToPlayBall with Temptations Tumblers! The Company Behind Temptations Tumblers The Temptations brand … Continue reading

Heart Disease in Cats – Hope Series Part 4

Hope Series Title Graphic Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of sudden death in cats. It affects cats of every age and breed. A study found that when they tested 103 seemingly healthy domestic (privately owned) cats, 16 were found to have heart disease. How A Healthy Heart Functions A healthy cat’s heart has 4 distinct … Continue reading

5 Facts About Cats: Your Cat’s Social Life

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When it comes to facts about cats, very few are more misunderstood than those about the social life of cats. Social misunderstandings have lead to some rifts between cats and their owners. These facts about cats are very important when it comes to resolving behavior problems like spraying and scratching. If you want … Continue reading

Funny Cat Picture – Puss in Boots Face

Manna's Puss In Boots Look

Manna’s Secret Storage A few days ago I decided to move the cat chair and thoroughly vacuum the living room. Honestly, I wasn’t so surprise when I found a heap of cat toys underneath the chair (and other places around the room). The cats know where their toy bin is and … Continue reading

Poe’s Black Cat: A Playful Kitty Puzzle

The Black Cat Word Search Title

Never mess with a kitty! In 1845, Edgar Allan Poe published a short story named The Black Cat. It is a purrrfect Halloween read for teens and adults who can stomach Poe’s style of horror. This story is about guilt and the human conscious much like The Tell Tale Heart. Most … Continue reading

Cat Agility Competitions

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Watch out dogs! Cats are entering the world of animal sports! Since the early 2000’s cat agility competitions have becoming increasingly popular. Cat agility competitions give cats the chance to show off their amazing physicality. Through a course of obstacles, cats jump, crawl, run, and climb. Crowds of people are … Continue reading

Halloween Safety: Cats, Costumes, & Candy

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Halloween is right around the corner! I can’t believe it is already here. Halloween is a lot of fun for humans, but not always for our cats. I have 5 Halloween safety tips for you that can help make the holiday less of a trick and more of a treat … Continue reading

Chronic Kidney Disease – Hope Series Part 3

Hope Series Title Graphic CKD

Chronic Kidney Disease is one of the most common cause of death in older cats. The average age of cats that suffer with it is 15 years old. According to the University of Purdue, 16 out of every 1,000 cats (1.6%) examined suffer from Chronic Kidney Disease. What is Chronic Kidney Disease? … Continue reading