The Mighty Were Jaguar – A Playful Kitty Puzzle

Olmec were jaguar - Craig Fisher flickr

The Human Animal Bond Gets Literal The jaguar was revered by the people of the first true civilization on the North American continent, the Olmecs. This amazing feline was the most fearsome predator in the jungles with the ability to hunt during the day or the night. It seemed to have … Continue reading

Pumpkin: A Natural Digestive Remedy for Cats

Cat with Pumpkins - Christina Cantrill flickr

Everybody gets an upset tummy sometimes- even cats! Luckily, nature has provided us with a remedy that works well for both cats and humans. Pumpkin is a great nutritional supplement for any cat (or human) experiencing digestive issues. The Nutritional Value of Pumpkin Pumpkin is an excellent source of non-grain … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: The Kitty Monster

Monster 1

Niptoons Presents: “The Kitty Monster” Starring: Cinco, Manna, a beat up chair belonging to the cats, and The Bride of Kittenstien Sneak Preview The next Playful Kitty Newsletter will be coming out on Monday! It’s going to include some really pawsome Halloween things – like this very cool purrintable cat-themed … Continue reading

Cancer in Cats -Hope For Cats Series Part 2

Hope Series Title Graphic Cancer

Cancer is a terrifying word. Most people have been affected by the disease in one way or another. Unfortunately, cancer isn’t limited to our human family members. It is also possible to find cancer in cats. According to Cornell University of Veterinary Medicine, about 2% of pet cats (of which there … Continue reading

The Native American Were Jaguar

Were Jaguar Title

In Central America there are few predators as powerful and effective as the jaguar. Jaguars can hunt in both the day and the night. They can climb into the trees and water does not stop them. The ancient Native Americans took note of these amazing creatures and wanted to become them themselves. … Continue reading

Taking in a Stray Cat : Caring For Critters


  Today I am participating in the Caring for Critters Round Robin hosted by Heart Like A Dog. Throughout this round robin pet bloggers have been sharing their personal stories of illness, injury, and other pet health concerns. To view a list of these posts, visit http://www.heartlikeadog/community-page . Yesterday’s post was … Continue reading

Beautiful Bombay Cats- A Playful Kitty Puzzle

Bombay cat - Bhavana flickr

Purrrfect Parlor Panthers Love the look of black leopards? So did the woman who began the Bombay breed less than a century ago. An entirely domestic breed, the Bombay has all of the wildly beautiful looks of the black leopards of Bombay, India. Almost everything about these cats is black … Continue reading