Wordless Wednesday: Toys & Tabbies

Toys and Tabbies Title

Niptoons Presents: “Toys & Tabbies” Starring: Cinco, Manna, and the orange pipe cleaner How much do your kitties love toys? Stay Tuned… Tomorrow Cinco, Manna, and I are going to talk about my preparations for the BlogPaws Conference. Cinco and Manna might not be coming with me to Nashville, but … Continue reading

The Cat Genome: More Human Than You Know

The Cat Genome More Human Than You Know Title

At first glance, humans and cats are incredibly different. No one would ever get the two confused. However, it may not surprise too many cat lovers to learn that cats and humans are more alike than they appear. As the cat genome has been mapped out and studied, there is … Continue reading

How to Help a Pregnant Cat

How to Help a Pregnant Cat Title

Every year a number of cat owners learn about the importance of spay and neuter the hard way. Sometimes it is because their unspayed cat escaped from the house while she was in heat and other times it is because they took in an unspayed stray cat. If you are … Continue reading

Kitty Card Word Search

Kitty Card Word Search Title

Kitties on Cards! The Victorian Era brought about a lot of changes both for cats and for advertisements. For the first time, cats were being seen as treasured house pets and not just as an adorable rodent removal service. Once Queen Victoria began to pamper her own two beautiful Persian … Continue reading

Cats & Vintage Trade Cards

Cats and Vintage Trade Cards Title

Cats are great at stealing people’s hearts. Who doesn’t fall in love with the image of a cute little kitten or a cat doing something funny? That is one of the reasons that companies have been using them in their advertisements for more than a century. All of the cat commercials … Continue reading