The Havana Brown Cat Breed

The Havana Brown Cat Breed Title

Wouldn’t a mix between chocolate and cats be awesome? Two of the best things ever combined into one? There is a cat breed that comes close – the Havana Brown. These kitties have a beautiful chocolate colored coat and super sweet personalities to match! A Rare Beauty The Havana Brown … Continue reading

Funny Cat Picture: Interrupting Waitress

Interuppting Waitress Title

My cats are an absolute blessing in my life. They make wonderful blogging cats too! Cinco and Manna seem to really enjoy trying out all of the food, treats, and toys that we have been given the opportunity to review. They know the routine! If I am taking a photo … Continue reading

Wellness TruFood: The Color of Life #TruLoveIs

Wellness TruFood Giving Color to Life #TruLoveIs Title

Life is full of beautiful, rich colors! Autumn in Michigan is gorgeous. The leaves are changing to shades of green, yellow, red, and brown. Cider mills are opening up for business and you can see orange pumpkins, yellow squash, and red and green apples in bins on the side of the … Continue reading

My Cats: Emotional Support & More

My Cats Emotional Support More Title

Cats are great for emotional support! I’ve had a rough couple of months and the amazing love that I receive from Cinco and Manna has been very inspiring. Normally I write about how us cat owners can help our cats, but today I thought I would flip things around. Kitties deserve some … Continue reading

#Petiquette For Cat Owners with Febreze

Petiquette for Cat Owners with Febreze Title

One of the characteristics of the “crazy cat lady” stereotype is a home that smells heavily of litter box odor. Another is that the “crazy cat lady” is completely unaware of that odor – she’s totally noseblind. No cat owner wants to fall into that stereotype! Febreze™ and their School … Continue reading