Cat Lover’s Christmas Gift Guide 2015

Cat Lover's Christmas Gift Guide 2015 Title

Welcome to Playful Kitty’s first annual Christmas Gift Guide! Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and I love to use it to spoil my kitties. Surely there are a lot of cat lovers out there that can relate. I have found a lot of great Christmas (or other holiday … Continue reading

Funny Cat Picture: A Kitty Song

A Kitty Song Title

Every cat has a different voice. Cinco has a very shy,  high-pitched sort of meow. I think it sort of sounds like a balloon slowly deflating. He doesn’t talk very often. Usually, he only uses his voice when he can’t get my attention any other way or when I’m in … Continue reading

A Win for the Winn Feline Foundation and Cats

A Win for the Winn Feline Foundation and Cats Title

Cats and those that love them are a force to be reckoned with! According to a survey by the American Pet Products Association, there are 8 million more owned cats in the US than owned dogs. Traditionally, cats have been treated like second-class citizens in a world of dogs, but … Continue reading

Meow Mix Acatemy: Irresistible Moments with Cats

Meow Mix Acatemy Irresistable Moments with Cats Title

As cat owners,  love to share the cool things that our cats do. That’s why Cinco, Manna, and I have joined the Meow Mix® Acatemy™!  The Meow Mix Acatemy is a new online community for cat lovers! There you will find content from cat experts, pawsome authors, ‘pet personalities’, and … Continue reading