Catnip for Everyone! – A Playful Kitty Puzzle

Manna and the nip plant

Bring On the Nip! Many cats go crazy for catnip! This green, flowering member of the mint family contains an intoxicating oil called Nepetalactone . In cats, Nepetalactone acts as an aphrodisiac causing them to react by getting hyper, rolling on the ground, licking/eating the catnip, and sometimes even drooling. The … Continue reading

How Petting A Cat Is Good For Your Health

Cinco gets a chin scratch

My cats love to be petted. Every night as I write my blog posts they both grace me with their presence. Cinco loves to be in my lap every chance he can get. I’m pretty sure that he would attach himself to me if it were possible. Manna on the other … Continue reading

Niptoon Noir: The Case of the Intoxicating Smell

Niptoon Noir cover Intoxicating Smell

Niptoon’s presents: The Case of the Intoxicating Smell Starring: Detective Cinco and Dame Manna Thank you for tuning in! Niptoons will return to it’s normal day and time (Wednesday at 8AM EST) next week! Please Purr…. Today my friend and fellow cat blogger, Seirra of Fur Everywhere.  has a very … Continue reading

Preventative Care & Your Vet #GetHealthyHappy


Are your cats healthy? The World Health Organization defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Visiting your veterinarian consistently and regularly could help make your cat healthier and happier. When healthy just means having no illness… … Continue reading

Catnip: Fun for Cats, Holistic Helper for Humans

Manna and Catnip

Catnip can be found in just about any cat owner’s home. There are many cats that can’t get enough of it! Almost every cat toy is full of catnip. This little plant is full of fun and surprises. Did you know that catnip isn’t just for cats? That’s right – … Continue reading

3 Animal Cruelty Laws Aimed to Help Cats

Tattooed Kitty - Micke S FLICKR

Animal cruelty is a serious problem that is still being legally defined in the United States. Studies have shown that people who are cruel to animals are also likely to be cruel to other people.  Still, some people commit acts of cruelty out of ignorance rather than intention. Hopefully the following 3 … Continue reading

Deaf Cats Feel Your Love: A Playful Kitty Puzzle

White Cat Blue Eyes - Pelican FLICKR

You don’t need to hear in order to love. Deaf kitties are as full of love as their hearing counterparts! Hearing loss could happen to any cat as a result of the aging process, injury, side effects from medication, ear infections, or genetic factors. Cats with white coats and blue … Continue reading

Loss of A Pet: How I Cope & A Tribute Sparkle

Obi Wan  Angel blue background

Remembering Sparkle Yesterday the pet blogging world was rocked by the loss of one of it’s shining stars. Sparkle was an inspiration to a number of bloggers. Her attitude, advice, and gorgeous red coat will not easily be forgotten. Undoubtedly, many cats and cat owners were helped because of the … Continue reading

Starting Kittens Off On the Right Paw


Make the best of your time with your cats when they are kittens because it doesn’t last long! Raising both Cinco and Manna from their kitten days has taught me a lot. There is so much that I know now that I wish I would have known back then. It … Continue reading