Stomatitis And Your Cat’s Dental Health

Stomatitis and Your Cat's Dental Health Title

Have you looked in your cat’s mouth lately? A cat’s dental health is essential to his/her ability to thrive. The best nutrition out there can’t help a cat become healthy if it doesn’t have a way into the cat’s body. Regular dental check-ups with your veterinarian can help prevent or … Continue reading

Funny Cat Picture: A Purrfect Response

A Pawfect Response Title

Big confession – I talk to my cats. Okay, so maybe that isn’t a “big” confession. They appear to listen to me a lot of the time and often they will meow in response when I greet them. Manna loves to have “conversations” with me. Do they understand me? Probably more … Continue reading

Ragamuffin Kitty Word Search

Ragamuffin Kitty Word Search Title

Fabulously Fluffy! The Ragamuffin cat breed makes being cute look easy. Those adorable almond-shaped eyes could draw an “aww” from almost any cat lover. They also have a gorgeous medium-long coat that doesn’t easily mat or tangle. That means that grooming is relatively easy. At birth, they all have white coats … Continue reading

The Truth About A Cat’s Love Toward Their Owner

The Truth About A Cat's Love Toward Their Owner Title

Lately, social media has been littered with headlines about how dogs love their owners “5X more” than cats do. Click bait? Mostly, but they are basing the finding on a scientific study run by a real scientist. Does that mean that the findings could be true? I think that pet owners … Continue reading

Prehistoric Kitty Word Search

Prehistoric Kitties Word Search

Not Your Average Cat Fossil records show that saber-toothed cats once roamed most of the globe. They thrived during the ice age and disappeared around the time the Ice Age drew to a close.There was not just one kind of saber-toothed cat, but several different sorts of cats with long, knife-like … Continue reading

Tough Decisions: The Cat’s Meow Awards

Tough Decisions the Cat's Meow Awards Title

Cats are the best! They provide us with a ton of love and laughter. Cinco and Manna make me smile every single day. It is fun to share their antics with all of you too! Now thanks to the Meow Mix® Acatemy™ there is a way to share our irresistible cat … Continue reading